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The Future is Now.

The energy transition has begun

Theia Energy is committed to producing affordable clean energy, providing energy security and a sustainable economy in the northwest of Australia.

Global Hydrogen Trade

Opportunity for global hydrogen trade can reduce the cost of the energy transition by

$6 trillion

Featured Project

Gingerah Energy Hub

Gingerah Energy Hub will initially produce 1 mtpa of green ammonia from up to 3 GW of renewable energy capacity.

Learn more about how we are transitioning to renewable energy sources for a more sustainable future.

Opportunity to develop

Net Zero Hub

Gingerah Energy Hub

Renewable Energy Resources

Concentrated Solar

Solar PV

Geothermal Energy

Wind Energy



  • Strategically proximate to the ports.
  • Strategically located to serve Southeast Asia.
  • No pastoral leases.
  • 10,000 km2 vacant unallocated crown land.


  • Solar, wind & geothermal resources
  • 1 mtpa ammonia
  • 3 GW renewable energy generation capacity
  • Commercial scale


  • Net zero production of future fuels
  • In partnership with traditional owners
  • No seawater desalination


  • Scaleable 10x proposed capacity
  • Southeast Asia fastest growing globally
  • Ammonia & methanol markets to grow 500%
  • Australian market 35 Mtpa in 2040 ( >100,000%)